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Air Ventilation Systems

Manufacturer of a wide range of products which include ac service provider in electronic industries, industrial kitchen ventilation system, industrial building air ventilation system, hvac systems for museums, galleries, archives and libraries and hvac services for plastic moulding industries.
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Ac Service Provider In Electronic Industries
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Ac Service Provider In Electronic Industries

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  Electronic component assembly, manufacturing, and all areas where they are used need to be maintained at the proper desired temperature with required humidity. Electronic components carry all electronic communication as well as signal and use for all types of automation, controlling & operations. Life depends on cleanliness and a moisture free environment.  WCSIPL delivering system which can take care of all dust, humidity & temperature as per requirement and component type & applications.

In the electronic industry, printed wirings get corroded due to the presence of high humidity. Transistors may break down or suffer a decrease in longevity and the uniform growth of crystals is unachievable.

Based on performance, all the electronic equipment can be classified into three categories:

1. Class-1 general electronic products

These include consumer products, some computer and computer peripherals as well as general military hardware suitable for applications where cosmetic imperfections are not important and the major requirement is function of the completed printed board or printed board assembly.

2. Class-2 dedicated service electronic products

These include communication equipment, sophisticated business machines, instruments and military equipment in applications where high performance and extended life are required, and for which uninterrupted service is desired but is not critical. Certain cosmetic imperfections are allowed.

3. Class-3 high-reliability electronic products

These include commercial and military equipment where continued performance or performance on demand is critical. 


Reliability can have different meanings to different people. The IPC reliability series describes it as “the state where equipment will work as long as expected. Temperature and moisture control can increase the reliability up to a great extent.

Following are the major impact on electronic component if temperature and humidity not in control



Humidity effect

Capacitors, Ceramic

Changes in dielectric constant and capacitance, lowered insulation resistance with high temp.


Capacitors, Electrolytic

Increased electrolyte leakage; shortened life, large change in capacitance, increased series resistance with low temp.

Decreased insulation resistance increased dielectric breakdown increase in shorts

Capacitors, Tantalum

Electrolyte leakage; change in capacitance insulation resistance; series resistance

Decreased insulation resistance increased dielectric breakdown increase in shorts


Increased leakage current; changes in gain; increases in opens and shorts

ncreased leakage current; decreased current gain , if sealed not effect

Connectors, standard

Flash over, dielectric damage

shorts fungus; corrosion of contacts lowered insulation resistance





Oxidation of contacts

Contacts arcing


Increased shorts and opens

Change in resistance

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  • Industrial Kitchen Ventilation System
  • Industrial Kitchen Ventilation System
  • Industrial Kitchen Ventilation System
Industrial Kitchen Ventilation System
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Industrial Kitchen Ventilation System

Approx. Price: Rs 50,000 / UnitGet Latest Price
Product Brochure
Product Details:
MaterialStainless Steel
Frequency60 Hz
Noise LevelLess than equal to 70 dB
Country of OriginMade in India
Usage/ApplicationEliminate grease particles from the air for a safe and hygienic kitchen environment.
Voltage (V)440 V
Air Flow500000 CFM

Industrial Kitchen Ventilation System comprises an exhaust canopy, ductwork, fan system, and a means of providing sufficient make-up air that may be lost through the ventilation. The entire system must comprise of the fire-safe assembly within the workspace. Kitchen fumes are pulled into the canopy or hood, pass through the vents, and are thrown out of the building by the fan system itself. Same amount of replacement air from the outside is drawn into the kitchen through make-up air vents.

Importance Of Industrial Kitchen Ventilation Systems:

  • Better working Conditions:Kitchens can prove to be very uncomfortable for the people working in them. Normally kitchen areas are exceptionally hot, as the preparation of food items produces smoke, steam, airborne particles and odours that can irate eyes, skin and also cause breathing problems. An Industrial or commercial Kitchen Ventilation Systems can help you solve this problem by removing the irritants in the air and reducing the temperature and in turn, increase the production and profits for your business.
  • Control Spreading of odours:The odours that are connected with preparing food cannot be avoided in a commercial kitchen, but a suitable ventilation system can keep these smell or odours from escaping into the dining area, bar or other places where they could be unpleasant for the customers. So installing properly designed kitchen ventilation is very crucial for your business.
  • Removal of Grease: While frying food, grease can evaporate, become airborne, and deposit itself on walls and ceiling. This can be awfully unhealthy and can cause major issues when it comes to food safety. Kitchen ventilation systems help to eliminate grease particles from the air for a safe and hygienic kitchen environment.

Benefits Of Our Industrial Kitchen Ventilation Systems
  • We provide specialized design, supply and install custom made commercial kitchen ventilation systems for food manufacturers, restaurants, pubs, clubs, schools and office buildings.
  • Assist the client with a complete solution with proper drawings and appropriate technology suggestion.

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Industrial Building Air Ventilation System
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Industrial Building Air Ventilation System

Approx. Price: Rs 1 Lakh / SetGet Latest Price
Product Details:
Air Capacity1100 CFM
Surface FinishPolished
Country of OriginMade in India
Material GradeSS304
For catering the variegated demands of our respected clients, we are highly engrossed in providing a wide range of Industrial Building Air Ventilation System.

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Hvac Systems For Museums, Galleries, Archives And Libraries
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Hvac Systems For Museums, Galleries, Archives And Libraries

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This general introduction to the current approach to controlling ambient RH and temperature in museums is intended for all museum professionals. It is based on the "Museums, Galleries, Archives and Libraries" chapter in the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers Inc. (ASHRAE) Handbook, a rather technical document intended primarily for engineers designing, maintaining, or operating HVAC systems in buildings that house heritage collections. The approach taken in the chapter represents a departure from earlier more traditional thinking about museum environments, which called for stringent control of RH and temperature. In the current approach, RH fluctuation is linked to measurable damage in artifacts. Certain types of artifacts are much more sensitive to RH fluctuation than others, and it is neither economical nor environmentally acceptable to have very tightly controlled conditions if they are not necessary.

The Role of Temperature and RH

Temperature and RH are directly related:

  • when a volume of warm air is cooled, its RH goes up

  • when a volume of cool air is warmed, its RH goes down

Because of this interdependence, temperature and RH are usually considered together. The damage caused by incorrect temperature and incorrect RH falls into three broad categories:

  • biological

  • chemical

  • mechanical

General Set Points

The target value of temperature or RH that a mechanical system is designed to maintain over time is known as the "set point". However, even the best mechanical systems will produce values that fluctuate above and below the given set point.

The term "set point" can be used in two ways:

  • to refer to the setting of the thermostat or humidistat over a short period of time (hours, days)

  • to refer to the average annual setting of the thermostat and humidistat (because the set points may be adjusted over the year for various reasons, such as energy saving)

Note that the "set point" is often defined by museums as 50% RH with the temperature between 15 and 25°C, although it can also be based on the historic averages. In practice, it may be defined by factors such as the needs of the collection, the performance of the building plus the HVAC system, and the climatic variation in temperature. On the other hand, class of control is defined by the degree of fluctuation in temperature and RH. And it is fluctuation rather than set point that we now strive to control because fluctuation provides the main threat to most artifacts and Class of Control defines the allowable degree of fluctuation.

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HVAC services for Plastic moulding Industries
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HVAC services for Plastic moulding Industries

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Plastic injection manufacturing facilities generate a substantial amount of indoor heat, as the melting point temperature of certain materials is over 500 degrees Fahrenheit. In manufacturing environments excessive heat not only has a negative effect on workers, but production levels as well. The rising temperatures are also felt to a greater extent as employees wear more productive gear as safety regulations increase.


In industries where excess amounts of heat are prevalent, it’s important that your HVAC system has been designed to operate as efficiently as possible. we will build the most optimal solution for your production facility, so rising temperatures are kept low, and thereby saving up to 80 percent energy per year with our technologies.


Plastic injection molding is also very sensitive to excess amounts of humidity, as condensation can lead to poor mold quality. Maintaining the optimal operating conditions will play a large part in operational success.


Our HVAC systems are capable of handling scale to any size plastic injection facility, while being sustainable and reducing your carbon footprint.


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