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Air Conditioning System

We are a leading Manufacturer of direct expansion air conditioning systems, air conditioning system for fabrication industries, air conditioning system for pharmaceutical industries and hvac services windmill manufacturing industries from Pune, India.
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  • Direct Expansion Air Conditioning Systems
  • Direct Expansion Air Conditioning Systems
  • Direct Expansion Air Conditioning Systems
Direct Expansion Air Conditioning Systems
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Direct Expansion Air Conditioning Systems

Approx. Price: Rs 55,000 / TonneGet Latest Price
Product Details:
Air Conditioner TypeCentralized AC
Condenser CoilCopper
Warranty12 Months
Compressor TypeScroll
Country of OriginMade in India
Surface FinishingPolished

Today heating, air conditioning, and ventilation represent around 40% of the consumed energy. Achieving energy efficiency by reducing the energy consumption and still guaranteeing air quality and comfort is an ongoing research challenge. Nowadays, one of the central air conditioning systems that is gaining popularity in the market is the Direct Expansion Systems (DX). This type of system directly cools the air supplied to space/building in which it is positioned by using a refrigerant vapor compression and expansion cycle (also known as RVEC cycle). An RVEC cycle has the following components: an evaporator, a compressor, a condenser and a thermal expansion control device. The whole process is controlled by the system controller.

The term “direct” refers to the position that the evaporator has with respect to the air-side loop: as a matter of fact, between the air-stream and the evaporator, there is a direct contact. Instead, the definition “expansion” indicates the refrigerant into the evaporator. The refrigerant (which is liquid) flows through an expansion device prior to entering into the evaporator — this device is made up of a DX valve that reduces refrigerants’ pressure and temperature.

It is worth to mention that a ventilation fan is also necessary for a DX system: this is so because its function is to distribute the cool air and re-supply it.

Places where DX air conditioning system can be used:

Multi Storey Office Buildings




Assembly Theatres

Library & Museums

Benefits of Choosing DX Airconditioning Systems

DX systems are reliable air conditioning systems that have a flexible installation: the system can be located inside or outside the building.

DX systems occupy less space than other cooling systems

DX systems offer a high degree of flexibility: the system itself be expanded in order to adapt to new building requirements or size.

DX systems allow for lower bills & increased long-term savings

DX systems ensure complete control over the whole system besides the high efficiency

DX systems, once installed, do not require a lot of maintenance and do not cause high repair costs with respect to older and inefficient cooling systems

Split Systems produce lower noise levels with respect to the packaged systems or other air conditioning systems. This is so thanks to the fact that the compressor unit and the cooling load area are located far away

In a Split system even though there is a limited distance between the components, reliable operation is still guaranteed.

The DX valve can reduce or stop the movement of the refrigerant to each indoor unit. This results in the ability to control each room independently

Packaged DX Systems occupy relatively less space if compared to the Split systems

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Air Conditioning System For Fabrication Industries
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Air Conditioning System For Fabrication Industries

Approx. Price: Rs 4.85 Lakh / PieceGet Latest Price

Air Movement or Skin Velocity is major Impacting factor to create comfort. We can create comfort with the help of  normal fans at normal temperature by increasing Skin velocity. We can reduce number of areas power consumption with using some higher temp at Higher skin velocity. Water based cooling system is Booming in market to reduce Electricity Impact which is providing comfort with higher flow or velocity without creating large temp difference in ambient and room. This type of application will be very effective for large industrial sectors. Duct less HVAC air distribution with the help of HVLS fans. This fan also help to reduce power which is required higher in case of number of wall mounted small fans. Wall mounted fan having drawback of air movement which is only one direction so required rotation to cover more area, HVLS can continuously maintain proper air movement to all covered area. This type of fan very effective for large industrial sheds.  Now a days natural ventilation design concept is more essential to avoid initial and operating cost in commercial as well as resedential building. Design of any building in such way that air movement will be happen and remove inside heat with natural draft. 

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Air Conditioning System For Pharmaceutical Industries
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Air Conditioning System For Pharmaceutical Industries

Approx. Price: Rs 4.89 Lakh / PieceGet Latest Price

Quality control for pharmaceutical products begins first with precision control of temperature, humidity, and air quality. For this reason, pharmaceutical companies are increasingly selecting WCSIPL for air handling, heating, cooling, and refrigeration solutions. WCSIPL systems maintain a high standard of air quality over multiple zones, and our modular units can also be combined to suit any work environment requirements. Together with our reputation for after sales service and long product life, WCSIPL has become the smart choice for pharmaceutical companies.

The importance of temperature and humidity control

The environment in which pharmaceutical products are manufactured plays an important role in determining the quality of products such as medicines, supplements and cosmetics.

The fact that all of these products are meant to keep use healthy or cure us from possible diseases gives us the measure of how important is that those products are of the highest quality.

HVAC systems contribute to overall manufacturing process quality ensuring that temperature and humidity in the manufacturing facilities are constantly controlled, to avoid contamination during the manufacturing process.

So, perfect temperature and humidity control in pharmaceutical facilities is necessary for the following reasons. One of the most important is that manufacturing processes for drugs, for instance, usually require different levels of temperature for chemical processes and blend ingredients. This can lead to the generation of heat in excess, which needs to be removed to ensure the safety of the employees and avoid equipment damage. Certain drugs, then, might require cold storage to maintain their properties. That is the case of vaccines, for instance, which need to be stored at low temperatures to preserve their effectiveness. The same vaccines, although requiring cold storage, might need to be stored at a very precise temperature, though.

All this gives us the measure of how important storage is in this kind of application. So much that companies in this sector must comply with regulatory bodies’ guideline. One of them is the World Health organization’s guideline for the storage of pharmaceutical products, which, states pharmaceuticals need to be stored in ventilated and dry environments with temperatures in the range of 15 to 25 C°.

But temperature and humidity control are also important to avoid contaminations, as we know pathogens thrive in warm and humid conditions. Humidity, for instance might also increase the level of moisture in drugs, which might lead to a deterioration of the drug itself.

Efficiency and Reliability 

It is not all about temperature and humidity control, though. Efficiency and reliability also play an important role in the investment companies do choosing equipment for their HVAC system.

Pharmaceutical companies, like any other company, need to make sure costs are contained. Since HVAC systems can have an important impact on energy expenditures, it is important to choose energy- efficient units.

We know value of customer time, value of product losses, breakdown time & system failure so we follow all the industrial standards and Guidelines as mentioned below: 

  • Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning contractors’ National Association (SMACNA) 

  • American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) 

  • Indian Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ISHRAE) 

  • National Building code of India (NBC)

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Hvac Services Windmill Manufacturing Industries
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Hvac Services Windmill Manufacturing Industries

Approx. Price: Rs 10 Lakh / SetGet Latest Price

Windmill manufacturing facility is one biggest challenge for HVAC design considering large spaces, huge high hangers, a lot of dust generation, Humidity control and precise temperature control for curing the mold. Wind mill sizes are huge compared with normal machinery so all plant located near to Port area. All port area having major water surround so hi humid zone. Humidity are the biggest challenge in terms of volume and humid ambient zone plant selection. Every hanger are in large size so all overhanging crane will be obstacles for all air distributions. Blade basically made with FRP material and need curing and moisture air speed easily affect it. We are top one contractor in India who has delivered and handle wind mill project successfully which is having highest capacity in this manufacturing segments. Our all team, very closely aware about all operating concept and design concept they want for all types of hangers.
As some Windmill hangars are among the  largest structures, heating and cooling these facilities is no small feat. In fact, the sheer size of a hangar is one among many challenges that heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) designers and engineers address with each project. For example, depending on the activities taking place, airflow throughout the hangar may need to remove paint fumes or fuel vapour from within the hangar to provide a safe environment and protect adjacent rooms. To accomplish this, HVAC engineers must approach the design with the same care they would use in a laboratory’s HVAC systems, controlling the direction of airflow by maintaining pressure relationships between spaces adjacent to and adjoining the hangar to keep occupants safe
Windmill Blade is huge is Diameter and length so al factory need to have heavy crane and movement are regular with crane and vehicle during blade manufacturing process like molding, finishing & painting. HVAC having biggest challenge due to every area cooled air have to be throwing from the height more than 12 meter and considering dusty environment we cant have choice of return duct from top its need to design at wall side at bottom portion so dust will be not floated and inside environment will be fresh and cleaned.
WCSIPL have great experience to handle all type of large area which is more than 20000 Sq. Mtr and height will be around 21 Mtr. Normal air conditioning number of aspect fails during design for this type of large area air conditioning. We are experienced top one contractor in India who can serve your for all types of large scale area.

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